Delivery of large one off items

Please contact the Building Manager to arrange delivery of one off large items such as a bed, fridge or lounge suite.  One lift will be fitted with protective covers and made available to carry the item/s to your floor.

Phone: 08 9225 7583

It may be possible to arrange in advance with the Building Manager for a small truck (up to 4t) or delivery van to park in the driveway for a maximum of 15 minutes, subject to the following conditions:

  • A sign must be placed on the driver’s door of the delivery van stating which apartment the goods are being delivered to.
  • The resident is liable for all damage done to any property.
  • The driveway must not be blocked to other traffic under any circumstances.

Please note that all carriers and trades people must contact the Building Manager prior to arrival on site. 

Parcel deliveries

Australia Post delivers parcels late morning each weekday.  Couriers deliver at various times.

Drivers will buzz addressees over their apartment intercom.  However, if the resident is unavailable, parcels will be accepted by the Building Manager or Concierge and secured in the office of the Building Manager. 

Notices advising of parcel deliveries being held in the Building Manager's office will be placed in the mail boxes of addressees.  Please approach the Building Manager or Concierge to collect your parcel. 

Delivery of other small items

For deliveries involving items such as a small package or pizza, small delivery vehicles are permitted to park on the driveway between the water feature and the lobby entrance for a maximum of 15 minutes.