Fire Evacuation System 

The fire alarm system will be activated on the level where either fire or smoke is detected.

The alarm will sound on that floor and the notice to evacuate signal will be sounded. 

The alarm system will then cascade to the next floor either side of that floor and then continue until the alarm is sounded on all levels of that tower.

The alarm system will then continue to activate the alarm and notice to evacuate on each level in the next tower. 

If the attending fire service deems the event to be false, the alarm is reset. 

The alarm and notice to evacuate may not then reach the remaining floors.

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services has notified that from 1 July 2015 a fee of $750.00 will be charged for an attendance to an alarm activation that is deemed false.

Please note: If food has been burned in your apartment, do not open the door to the foyer as this will set off the fire alarm.  Open the balcony door to let out smoke.