House Rules

General House Rules

The Westralian has exceptional private facilities that are maintained to the highest standards.  They are for the exclusive use of residents and, where specified, invited guests.  
The Westralian is home to its residents.  It is a private building and residents and their visitors are asked to behave in a way that respects all residents’ rights to privacy and a harmonious living environment. 

The following pages outline our House Rules, including guidelines and procedures for the use of the facilities, as well as the code of conduct that is expected of all residents and visitors to The Westralian.

Animals and Pets

  • Written approval is required from the Council of Owners before any animal or pet can be brought into the strata complex.
  • If an animal is to visit you or accompany a guest, please make a written request to the Building Manager.   
  • If you wish to keep a pet on an ongoing, time limited or periodic basis, please complete and submit an Application to Keep a Pet Form to the Building Manager.
  • The bylaws and pet rules are not intended to prevent the keeping of a dog used as a registered personal guide dog.
  • The specific provisions of By-law 29 (Schedule 2) apply to pets in the strata complex.
  • The pet must be of a breed or size that is suitable to be kept as a domestic pet in a communal residential complex.
  • Permitted pets include fish in an enclosed aquarium, one cat or one dog or a caged bird.   
    A reptile, rodent or invertebrate pet is not permitted within the strata complex. 
  • Dogs must be registered with the City of Perth.
  • Pets are never allowed in any common area except while being taken to or from an apartment via a direct route through the car park areas, foyer, lift or stairways.
  • Pets must at all times be kept on a short leash or in a suitable secure pet carrier when passing through common areas.
  • Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets at all times.
  • All common area clean-up costs relating to pets will be charged to the owners.
  • Pets are permitted on the balcony only when a responsible adult is at home.
  • Owners must ensure that their pets do not make noise that is disturbing to an extent that is considered to be unreasonable as determined by the Council of Owners.
  • Owners will be liable for any damage to or loss of property or injury to any person caused by the pet. 
  • Animal excrement or urine may never be washed down the balcony drains; the drains discharge via the storm water system. 
  • The Building Manager must be notified when all the occupants of the unit are away on holiday or for a long term absence and confirm that the pet has been removed from the apartment.


  • Perth City Council collects rubbish - kitchen waste (Green Bins) on Monday and Friday mornings; recyclable waste (Yellow Top Bins) on Tuesday morning.  
  • Kitchen waste is to be wrapped and/or contained in a strong plastic bin bag prior to being placed in the green bins.  Unwrapped foodstuff must not be placed in bins.
  • Recyclable waste is not to be placed in plastic bags.
  • No household goods are to be placed in the bin room.  (Please remove from premises).
  • Cartons are to be broken down to a sufficient size so as to be contained within a bin with the lid closed.
  • Green bins and recycle yellow top bins are available in bin storage rooms, car park, ground and first levels.


  • Under no circumstances are any doors to be left open at any time.  
  • Fire escape doors must be kept shut at all times.
  • The doors from the car parks must not be jammed open at any time.
  • Residents and visitors should always ensure that doors close fully behind them.
  • Please note that the external door into the mailroom can be opened from outside without an airkey during the day on weekdays, to allow for the delivery of mail.

Lift Lobbies

  • The lift lobbies on each floor must not be used for the storage of personal items.
  • The Fire Hose Reel, Bin Store and Gas cupboards must not be used for personal storage.
  • The Fire Doors or exit passageways must not be obstucted at any time.

Common Area Damage

  • Please report any damage to the Building Manager or the Concierge.
  • Take care not to damage walls and/or lifts when bringing large items into your apartment.


  • Washing is not to be hung over balcony rails or be visible from street level.


  • Residents are responsible for their guests at all times within The Westralian complex.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a resident whenever they are in any of the common areas of the complex.
  • Please ensure that visitors are aware of and abide by the House Rules.

No Smoking

  • Smoking is not permitted in any of the facilities or common areas, including the pool area, pool lounge, BBQ area and Japanese garden.

Balcony Furniture

  • Balcony furniture should be heavy enough not to be blown off the balcony or should be tied or weighted down during strong winds.

Smoke Detectors

  • Batteries for the smoke detector units in your apartment are to be changed yearly.
  • Please note that smoke detectors situated in the lift foyers are connected to the city fire brigade. If smoke from an apartment enters the foyer and sets off the alarm, costs associated with fire brigade attendance will be passed on to the resident responsible.

Balcony Cleaning

  • Care must be taken when cleaning or hosing balconies that water does not fall onto lower balconies.
  • Cost associated with clean-up of this type of damage will be passed on to the resident responsible.

Car Park

  • The speed limit within the car parking areas is 10kph.
  • Please enter and exit through designated gates only.
  • With the exception of Penthouses, only 2 car bays are allocated to each apartment and only 2 vehicles per apartment are permitted to be parked on site.
  • Car bays are not to be used for any purpose other than the parking of a motor or other vehicle, motor cycle, bicycle, trailer or boat.
  • Tandem parking is strictly prohibited.
  • Vehicles are to be parked wholly within the designated parking area and must not encroach on the parking bay of another resident or adjacent common property.
  • Residents must not park in any bay other than the bays allocated to the apartment in which they reside.
  • If a resident gives another resident permission to use one or both of his/her designated parking bays on an ongoing basis or during a period of absence, the resident granting the permission must advise the Building Manager in writing.
  • Leasing or lending a parking bay to a commercial owner or tenant of the complex, or to someone who is not living in the complex, would be a breach of the Perth Parking Management Act 1999, legislation that governs the use of parking bays in the City of Perth. Such a breach would be a criminal offence and could make the Strata Company liable for a maximum daily penalty of $5,000 per day.    
  • The Westralian does not have any visitor parking bays within the complex. Visitors can only park in the vacant car bays of the apartment they are visiting.
  • Cars are only to be washed in the designated car wash bay on first level.  Any debris is to be cleaned off the driveway and the hose is to be wound up and placed on the hanger provided after washing is complete.
  • No vehicle maintenance is allowed in car bays (with the exception of emergency maintenance only).
  • Car bays are not to be used for general storage. All residential lots have a storage room that is to be used for the storage of personal items.  

Residential Parking Permits

Under the City of Perth Residential Parking Policy:

  • Residential parking permits cannot be issued to businesses.
  • Residents living at 78 Terrace Road are not eligible to apply for a parking permit.
  • Residential parking permits may be issued to The Westralian Strata Company.
  • The Strata Company may make the permits available, at its discretion, for use only by Westralian residents or persons visiting a residence.
  • Permits can only be used within the respective precinct and the vehicle must be parked in a valid parking bay designated for permit parking.
  • Permits cannot be used by persons undertaking business activities in the City of Perth.
  • Permits cannot be used to provide commuter parking for workers.
  • Permits cannot be used by residents who lease/offer their on-site parking bays to others while utilizing a residential parking permit to park their own vehicle on the street.
  • Permits cannot be used to park a vehicle in a specific bay continuously for a period exceeding a week.
  • A parking permit will be revoked if misused, copied or sold to a third party.
  • Infringement notices will be issued to vehicles displaying an invalid or expired permit. 


The Westralian Strata Company currently purchases 10 Residential Permits, the maximum allowed, under the City of Perth Residential Parking Policy. 
These permits are available for use by residents living in The Westralian for purposes that comply with the City of Perth Residential Parking Policy. 

The principles relating to the management of residential parking permits are:

  • Permits are only available for limited times.
  • Only one permit per residential unit is available at any one time.
  • Requests for a permit should be directed to the Building Manager.
  • If a permit is not returned, an ongoing cost of $20.00 per day shall apply. 
  • A permit will be cancelled if it is misused, copied or sold to a third party.
  • If a permit has to be cancelled, the resident will be required to pay the fee for a replacement permit.   

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