Moving In / Out Procedures

We will make every effort to ensure that residents can move into, out of or within the building conveniently and quickly.  For this to happen, it is essential that you do all of the following well in advance of your move:

Contact the Building Manager

Phone: 08 9225 7583
If moving into, out of or within the complex, you must contact the Building Manager to arrange a time for your move.  Times will be subject to availability of the lift. You will not be permitted to move any furniture or other items into or out of your apartment unless a booking has been made. One lift will be fitted with protective covers and be made available for carrying your goods.  The Building Manager will provide you with a key to control the lift during the move and, where possible, will arrange for the automatic front doors to remain open during the moving process.

Please note that moves are not permitted on Sundays or public holidays.

Schedule orientation meeting (new residents)

If moving into the complex, you will also need to arrange a time for an orientation meeting with the Building Manager prior to your moving date.  The purpose of the meeting is to explain the fire exit procedures, the facilities booking system, house rules etc.  You will be given 2 activated air keys, along with your log in details so that you will be able to access to the private areas of our website.

Submit a Resident Information Form (new residents)

If moving into or within the complex, please complete and submit a Resident Information Form to the Building Manager prior to moving into your new apartment.

Submit an Application to Keep a Pet Form
(if applicable)

Written approval is required from the Council of Owners before a pet can be brought into the strata complex. Please complete and submit an Application to Keep a Pet Form to the Building Manager well in advance if you wish to bring a pet when you move into the complex.

Provide a copy of the front page of your lease agreement (if renting)

If you are going to be renting, you must provide the Building Manager with a copy of the front page of your lease agreement at the time of booking your moving date.

Sign Indemnity Form 

Please complete and submit a Moving Indemnity Form to the Building Manager prior to moving into, out of or within the complex. 

Provide removalist with a copy of the following moving guidelines

  1. The removalist must contact the Building Manager prior to arrival on site.
    Phone: (08) 9225 7583
    Mobile: 0412 996 946
  2. Vehicles must be parked on Terrace Road and must not obstruct either of the entries.
  3. Furniture or goods must not be stacked or placed against the lift doors, in the main entry foyer, front exterior entry or in any common areas on any level.
  4. Where possible, removalists should take cardboard boxes and packing away with them. The occupant must otherwise ensure that all cartons and packing crates are deposited in the bin areas provided.
  5. The lift, entry foyers, all floor corridors, carpets and walls must be left in a clean and tidy condition after moves are complete. The occupant will be held responsible for the cleanliness of common areas, damage to lift walls, corridor walls, carpets, doors, etc. An account will be rendered to the occupant for any repairs or additional cleaning that may be required.
  6. Care must be taken to ensure that any fire sprinkler heads are not struck by any object. If this happens and causes the fire alarm to be set off, the Fire Brigade call out charge will be rendered to the responsible party.

Dispose of packing materials

The Building Manager will advise new residents of the specific location of the rubbish room, recycling room and storage area for packing boxes. Dumping of cartons, crates or unwanted furnishings is strictly prohibited on or in any part of the building or common property

All boxes are to be cut down, flattened and placed neatly in the designated area of the bin room. Polystyrene is to be broken up and placed in the green bins along with any plastic or binding tape. Paper is to be placed in the bins with the yellow lids.


Residents do not need building insurance. However, you do need to arrange your own contents insurance.

If you are leasing out your apartment, we recommend that you make enquiries about taking out Landlord Insurance

Remotes (air keys)

Residents are requested not to give their air keys or entry keys to any person who does not reside within the complex. This includes friends or contractors working within your apartment.

Please contact the Building Manager if you require extra remotes.

  1. Remotes must be ordered from the Strata Company using the Request for Remotes Form.

  2. The cost per remote is $110.00 and will be invoiced upon receipt of a completed request form.

  3. The Strata Company reserves the right to refuse any unreasonable request.

  4. The turnaround time can be up to 7 working days.

  5. The Remotes will not be posted - they must be picked up from the Building Manager.


You do not need to advise Alinta Gas that you have moved into the building. There is a central gas meter for which the Strata Company is billed.  On each landing there is an individual meter for your apartment. The strata company may arrange to have these read and you may be billed by the strata company for individual use. This allows us to separate individual gas bills from the common area gas bill if required. 


You do need to contact Synergy to advise you have moved into/out of the building.


You do not need to advise the Water Corporation that you have moved into/out of the building.


You will need to make your own arrangements directly with Foxtel.


You will need to arrange your own telephone connection.


You will need to arrange your own internet connection.

Electricity, Gas and Water Meters

Gas sub-meters are located on each floor.  Both gas and water shut off valves are behind the door marked Gas

The electricity panel (with trip switches) for each unit is located in the laundry behind the door.

Electricity meters for each unit are located on every third floor.  Access is via the Building Manager or Concierge.


Newspapers for each apartment are delivered each morning to the concierge desk. Newspaper delivery can be arranged by Phone/Fax 9227 1669 or email